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Real Estate Web Design – The Importance of Graphics and Design
عقارات تم تصميم الموقع – أهمية الرسومات والتصميم

Assuming that you ultimately want your Website to get top search engine placement either in the free section, the paid section or both, it is important to make sure that design elements and the graphics you choose are not counterproductive. Yes, design and graphics can either enhance or hinder your marketing potential.

Design for Search Engines
While there are several ways to approach Web design, one method that Realtors should watch out for is called Frames. Many templates and even some custom Web designers use this basic design structure to the detriment of their clients. A framed site might have two scroll bars–one next to the left hand menu and the other scroll bar on the far right side of the page. A variation on this might be a stationery header serving as the frame and the inside content below. No matter how it is used, frame design is counterproductive because search engines do not SEE the content within the frame or to be more technical, the content within the frame is not actually a part of the Website. With so much emphasis placed on content, it should be easy to see that using this design method will not help promote your real estate Web design with the search engines.

Design for People
Another design issue deals more with page layout. As you can imagine there are many ways to place the content and the graphics on your homepage. The most effective designs take into consideration that humans in this country read from left to right. The eye starts at the upper left corner and sweeps across to somewhat below the far right corner. It has a tendency to stop there and then move back to the left side of the page. That is how we are all trained to read. For this reason, whatever you place just below the top right edge is going to get a lot of attention and the wise designer will use that space to insert a powerful offer of some sort. If you want visitors to sign up for something on your Website, that natural stopping place is a good spot to place the form. People are also used to reading newspapers and advertising experts have known for years that ads placed above the fold get more notice that ads placed below the fold. On a Website, think of any content that can only be seen if the visitor scrolls down the page to be content placed below the fold.

Graphics Can Help or Hinder
I have seen many Websites that are totally graphical. By that I mean that all the words and all the graphics were created in PhotoShop or some other graphics-editing program. Web pages created this way can be very attractive but not at all helpful in getting search engine placement. You see, search engines do not see graphics the same way you do. In most cases, a graphic that you see on a Web page is simply a line of code to the engines. In order for those search engines to evaluate your Website they need to see words or text on the page. That is what is meant by content. Graphics do not count as content however, that does not mean that your Website should not have graphics. Actually, people probably prefer graphics over words, just as search engines prefer words over graphics. So, you need a balance and a reason for the graphics that you decide to use on your Website.
Balance is Good
Just as Yoga recognizes the health benefits of balance, real estate Web designers must strive for balance as well. Avoiding counterproductive design methods and sticking to a balance of graphics and text will promote a design pleasing to both search engines and people.

How to create a real estate web design?
كيفية إنشاء تصميم مواقع الإنترنت العقارات؟

Be it a real estate agent, broker or company everyone should have a website to build up their business in the market. If a person creates a real estates website, internet users from all over the world can contact you and make an inquiry for moving in your geographical location. A web design can pass on his business information to another client who stays in another part of the world without physically traveling to her.

Here are a few steps which will help in building a real estate web design:

1.Firstly, you should purchase a domain name and web hosting account. There are a few popular websites that offer low-cost domain names and yearly hosting.

2.Secondly, log into control panel and click on the option which will allow you to build new web pages.

3.Thirdly, hire a developer. A seasoned web developer who has experience in this web designing can create a decent site for between $1000 and $3000. If you think it is expensive, there are a few website building template sites. Browse through these sites and you will be able to get free templates. Though these sites are not advanced as a custom one but it is free.

4.Fourth, include certain tool like mortgage calculator and listing page. The most important section is listings. In the listings you have to create many photos and detailed descriptions. There are many real estate sites that include a video walk-through the house. This can help buyers into contacting the agent. Including a map of the property and its location within the city with nearby attractions makes for a powerful listing.

5.Write the content. Create an “About us” page. In “About us” page include details like how many years he has been working in real estates, his motto; license no, awards and his service areas. Include articles about real estate industry, housing market and tips for some buyers. This information can keep visitors coming back. Include a testimonials section of happy clients. This section creates confidence in the agent.

6.Include a “Buyers” page. On the buyer’s page, add detailed information to educate the individual about the process he can expect to endure as a buyer. For example, getting financed, the down payment, the closing costs. You can add tips on what the buyer can do to increase her chances of being approved for a home loan.

7.Set up a “sellers” page. In this page, include information to educate the individual about what it takes to sell a home.

8.Create a site map of what you would like your web site to include. Most of the web sites feature multiple listing services so that customers can search all of your state’s properties for sale and rent. You will need to research your state’s system by contacting your local real estate division.


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